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  • #205 Reseda - 6 ops, PPO/FFS $1.2M+ 2013
  • #592 Costa Mesa - 7 ops, PPO/HMO/FFS collected $711,000 2013!
  • #207 North Hollywood - 4 ops, Adec, PPO/FFS collected $350,000+ 2013!
  • #439 Oceanside - major retail location collecting $40K+ per month!
  • #510 Santa Ana - High Tech Private Practice with building!
  • #595 Laguna Niguel - High grossing low rent in major center!
  • #603 Coalinga - Only 35% overhead! Collecting $60K+ per month!
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    First Choice Practice Sales Inc. assists buyers by offering complete dental practice evaluations and facilitating all aspects of the purchase process.

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    First Choice Practice Sales Inc. increases the seller's financial benefits and ensures a smooth transition by preventing the various selling stumbling blocks.

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