10 Steps to a Successful Sale

1. Prepare for the Transition to a New Owner & New Management When you make the decision to sell, start to prepare your practice for the new owner. Start putting things in order so the practice runs smoothly and “on its own” without total dependence on your management. Maintain the current patient schedule and production

Selling Your Practice with First Choice Practice Sales

1. Confidentiality One thing that you can be assured of is the sale of your practice will be handled confidentially. We have safeguards and procedures in place to protect your confidentiality and treat our practice listings with the utmost discretion. All of our listings are strictly confidential. We take precautions to prevent your employees, customers,

For Practice Buyers and Sellers: A Guide

Your best guide for buying or selling a practice isn’t words on paper; it’s the competent presence of your First Choice Practice Sales Broker. Although First Choice Practice Sales Brokers generally represent the seller, the buyer also reaps the benefits of expert guidance. A practice broker provides vital services for both parties and acts as