Selling your Dental Practice? Practice for sale by owner?

Here are a few things to consider if you are ready to sell your Practice:

Consider hiring a professional business practice broker. A broker can be a great “buffer” between you and the buyer, especially when the buyer is asking for too much too soon. Let the broker play the bad guy. That’s what they get paid to do.

A good broker will always insulate your practice and keep it confidential. First Choice Practice Sales has all potential buyers prior to seeing your practice sign a Confidentiality Agreement. They will only learn your name or address of your practice after they have signed a Confidentiality Agreement.

All potential buyers will NOT have access to the in depth financials until there is an agreement and a substantial deposit in place. A buyer can verify books and records only after they have opened escrow.

All negotiation will be done by the broker as to preserve the relationship between buyer and seller. Again, let the broker play “bad cop.”

A professional broker adds value, protection and a better bottom line result by exposing the availability of your business to a broader more financially qualified audience.

We encourage you to discuss your options for selling your practice. For your personal marketing program for the best results in the sale of your practice call First Choice Practice Sales at (949) 548-4559 and ask to speak to a broker! You may also submit your information via THIS form for more information!

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